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One Night

One Night

Silent Moves

Internet Makes You Sexy

Electronic Experience

Red Horizon, My Dark Sky




Prymer - Electroshock (Simon V Remix)

Broken Promise

Pulse Code


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This album is a best-of tracked music from 1995 to 1998, also including my first Santorin Vinyl releases. I especially re-worked every single track and made sure that the sound quality is top notch. As for the concept and title: Imagine the whole night beginning from late afternoon until the early hours. The CD starts with a slow Ambient track while you can see the sunlight fading, just before you make yourself ready for the club on a normal weekend. Sometime later, you log on the Internet to check emails and chat a bit. During your way to the club, the car audio systems gets penetrated by rough experimental sounds. Upon arrival, the DJ's are starting out with some fresh Drum'n'Bass tunes taking you to the peak hours when Pulse Code gets played and you just can't stop dancing. Looking at the watch, you'll notice it's already 5am in the morning when you're leaving the club making yourself speechless on your way home. This is "One Night"!

Released: 01. December 1998 - Label: MAZ Sound (CD, MP3)