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Mekka & Symposium 99 07. April 1999
Last weekend I've been to Mekka & Symposium '99. The time there was stressful but I enjoyed meeting up with friends and that little Evosonic live broadcast via mobile phone :-)

Kemi & Storm at the Depot 07. March 1999
Kemistry & Storm blew my head off at the Depot on Saturday ... the venue was completely packed and overcrowded and they were playing only the ruffest and dirtiest tunes ... as for my new productions, some of the tracks are working good on the dancefloor, but I also have some more home-listening oriented tracks coming up, so look out for some little audio bits soon.

Santorin releases as MP3 15. December 1998
.MP3 files are back on my site, listen to the 2 releases on Santorin in full quality! Oh, before I forget it, there's another poem on the philosophy pages, "on my way home" - for all those who are involved in the nightlife business.
I also redesigned some parts of the site, it should load faster now and be more comfortable to navigate. more good news: my CD will be ready before Christmas!

One Night album announced 18. November 1998
I have created a track called "Helden der Stille" for the Beta Tape, which will be out in December on Megahertz. You can listen to an excerpt by clicking on the Beta link, or look at the picture for this track by clicking on the title. The music itself is very experimental and rough, just right to clean your soul.
My CD project is arriving at it's final stage. The music and artwork is done and will go into production phase soon. I hope that it will be available at the end of December or early January. The CD will be titled one night, released under the name Simon V.

New homepage location 21. September 1998
I have a new homepage location. The Internet Agency 21torr thought that my pages and those of my friends are causing too much traffic, and they were not willing to host them anymore for free. So I had to move...
... back at the Kosmic Free Music Foundation... New address: http://vivid.kosmic.org
The Santorin pages have also been detached from my homepage, the new location is www.santorin.de, before we move to our own domain. I'm sorry for all inconveniences.

Liveact in Heidelberg 29. August 1998
I did a liveact last Saturday at the Karlstorbahnhof in Heidelberg, together with Prymer from Black Beat Productions along with a Drummer, Bass Player, DJ and MC! This was a very shortly arranged event so I had no time to announce it properly, hope everyone who was there enjoyed it. Pictures will be available on my pages as soon as they're ready.

Black Beat guest release 27. July 1998
I had been working on a couple of new tracks, including a guest release on Black Beat Productions as well as a new EP for Santorin Records. I also decided somewhen last week that I'll be working on an Audio-CD project including all the Hits I had over the last years, plus a selection of Tracks I released on Vinyl. All the old tracks will be reworked over the next months and you can expect high quality versions.

Nearly finished school 13. June 1998
I've nearly finished school now and I'll be staying in Tübingen for another year, as my civilian service is starting July 1st. Some people had problems listening to the .mp3 sound files of my first record. I have encoded these files again with the newest version of the Frauenhofer Encoder, I hope that all problems are gone now.

My own PC & Philosophy page added 17. May 1998
Got my very own PC these days. As long as I've been using computers, I never had a PC of my own, I was used to have one together with my brothers. Times change, money comes and little vivid gets his PC. Let's hope it will liven up my current mood ...
These Philosophy pages are still in experimental mode, and I don't know if they will be extended or closed in the near future.

First record out 28. March 1998
My first Vinyl record is going to hit the shops at the end of April, you can listen to extracts of all 3 tracks on the front page. I do not plan to put the full .mp3 files of all tunes on my webpages before the end of 1998. I hope that you are willing to pay a little bit for the music you love. 2 of these tunes are not tracked and therefore won't be available on my pages either, but the as you can see, "Bleeding" is on the first release as well, which is a reworked version of the track you can download from my homepage.

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