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Ocean Drive 27. November 2008
Christmas comes early this year! Here's a free and vocal-driven Drum'n'Bass club tune for your pleasure.

The Rhythm Track 09. September 2008
A good-luck totem on the cover and music sounding like your favourite African tribe, here's my new record: Flute & Rhythm.

Summer sneak preview 22. July 2008
What would you do if you could peek over the shoulder of your favourite producer and hear what he's working on?

Soul Healing 10. March 2008
The 10 years of Santorin celebrations are increasing! To fire up
the party I've remastered a classic track, download "Soul Healing"
as MP3 for free

Leap year fun and MP3 celebration 29. February 2008
Hope you had a groovy start in 2008! Little updates everywhere on www.simonv.com and 2 new tunes in the first listen section.
To celebrate 10 years of Santorin, here's a free MP3 by young ax.

Santa Klaus in the house 24. December 2007
I hope you're enjoying your short holidays. As a little present for Christmas, simonv.com is an elegant black beauty now. Have a great New Year's Eve and all the best for next year!

Heat Surge 24. September 2007
A new record is here: The Heat Surge EP with Telmo his Between Two Worlds on the other side. As a special bonus, Across The Universe and All By Myself are available for download as part of the Santorin 2003 EP.

Favourite unreleased tunes 06. August 2007
Over the years I've written music that didn't see the light of the day because of label matters. I've put them online for your listening pleasure. If you've been wondering what I've been up to since my last update in March: I'm working on a new vocal album and training my singing.

First Listen 01. March 2007
Listen to what's currently happening inside Simon V's studios.

Releases on: Under Construction, Santorin and Super8Sound 12. November 2006
Out now: Santorin - Supernatural / Return of Tomorrow
Imminent on Santorin: Simon V - Lighthouse / Brooklyn & Simon V - What Do You Want?
Coming on Super8Sound: Santorin - On The Rise / Confidential Thoughts

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