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Digital Christmas 01. November 2006
Digital Christmas officially ends here. It's a complete album.
Burn all 11 tracks on CD and pass it to your friends now.

Rukous 24. October 2006
When young girls take their secret love to the grave, it's time to listen closely.
This month's Digital Christmas guest is Laura Ryhänen.

After The Rain 24. September 2006
Let the rain wash away your pains and blue clouds will open up with warm rays of light. You feel it's time to move your feet with a holiday beat.

Telmo A. - Saudade 24. August 2006
The famous saudade of the Portuguese is a vague and constant desire for something that does not and probably cannot exist. It's Telmo A. as this month's Digital Christmas guest MP3.

Sundance 24. July 2006
In the hot and lonely deserts of Africa, medicine people of all tribes gathered to find a cure for modern day rock music. They suggested fusing tribal dance rhythms with electronic amplified sounds. Stomp with your feet here.

Pocket Big Band 24. June 2006
Have you seen a Big Band of that size? It's amazing, all used samples fit on a small harddisc and slide easily into your pocket. And with every step you take, the rhythm section keeps stomping.

Where are you going? 23. May 2006
Shoot The Kitten is coming your way. Better stay off the road when she's heading down to your house, 'cause I can tell from here that her nails ain't short.

Digital Christmas: Superlove (RnB) 24. April 2006
Love is in the ear! Here's a funky RnB version of Superlove to increase the summer breeze.

Video: Keep The Faith 09. April 2006
A young woman is lost in a world which awakens by sound. Watch the video now.

Digital Christmas: On The Line 24. March 2006
Your MP3 present this time is "On The Line", special late-night driving Hip-Hop to get you home safely. Download now and enjoy.

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