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Icebreaker interactive videoclip 05. October 2005
A team from the Rostock technical arts school created an interactive videoclip of "Icebreaker" for the iClip Award 2005. Thank you: Anne Lindemann, Albert Korkis and Alexander Rose.

Dublex Inc. remixed 31. August 2005
On the just released Pulver Rec. 020 - Pulver label compilation you'll find a new version of "She'll stay" feat. Wayne Martin on vocals, remixed by yours truly!

Giana Brotherz MP3 Shop 12. June 2005
The mighty Giana Brotherz have launched their MP3 Online Shop. I've contributed a little gem called "Green Star" to the selection, give it a try.

Interviews, features and album in the shops 01. April 2005
My album is available in recordstores now. You can get it directly from the Santorin Online Shop too.

Online interviews and features: drumandbass.de, dnbforum.nl, laut.de, future-music.net, dnbzszene.de, - as well as the following printmags: de-bug, Level 47, Subculture, Cuemix.

Personal pages completely updated 31. January 2005
It's been some time since I had press photos done. You can see sharp & funky pictures, as well as new presstexts on my personal pages. Got Milk?

Exclusive hearing 20. November 2004
The audio part of my album is completely finished now (yes!). Meanwhile I've written many new tunes and some fun stuff inbetween.

Making of Icebreaker 22. September 2004
In my newest tutorial I'm describing in detail the creation process of Icebreaker - including all source files (Kontakt and Cubase). Tutorial available exlusively at Native Instruments, enjoy.

Sampler quality comparison updated 18. August 2004
The controversial sampler anti-aliasing and pitch-shifting comparison is updated with new contenders for the crown. Please welcome the Emulator X, MOTU MachFive and the rebellious VSampler 3.1 to the court.

Music tutorials for Reason and Cubase 07. June 2004
If you're writing music yourself and are interested in Drum'n'Bass, you might find my tutorials useful.

Ambassadors 2 - The Roots'n'Future Collection 16. May 2004
Out now on CD, three Vinyls and MP3! Get it directly from the source. Featuring new Simon V tracks: The gigantic Icebreaker remix and a Finnish Folk fusion.

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