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Links for you 13. December 2013
The links are an export of my personal browser bookmarks - including my daily favourites, music tutorials, health and random interests.

Dubstep Mastering Example 24. May 2013
Listen and download a new Dubstep before/after example on my mastering services page.

Future Music Studio 23. March 2013
After more than 10 years with the same setup I decided to go with the future: Minimalizing the studio while improving the quality. Speakers from Neumannn, audio interface from RME and more.

Switch to renewable energy 15. March 2011
The simonv.com webserver and Simon V Home Studios are running on 100% renewable energy now.

New tune preview 24. August 2010
Summer is wonderful - wrote a new tune called "Looking for a good time" with easy drums, floating pads and vocal delights.

Holiday Mastering 20. February 2010
Are you in the mood for a holiday? My new homepage has sun, beach and great music - run into the sea! In case you are wondering what Mastering does to music: here are before -> after examples for you.

Vote for Cloudspotter 11. January 2010
Simon V - Cloudspotter is nominated as best national track at the German Drum'n'Bass awards. Brush up your German skills and vote for me please.

Stand by V 22. December 2009
Here's a Christmas present for you! "Stand by V" features the greatest bassline of all time in a new way: Download MP3 for free

Supernatural II out now on Subsonik Sound 01. December 2009
Whenever I'm in the club, people ask the DJ to play the "Choir tune", others ask for the "Indianerlied", but I call it "Supernatural II".

Mastering tutorial for dance music 21. November 2009
It's time to shine some light on the elusive mastering process, here's a mastering tutorial with audio files, screenshots and settings.

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