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Reason for Drum'n'Bass 10. November 2003
There's a DnB tutorial with source file on the Propellerheads Germany website written by me. The tune is called "The Traveler" and takes you on an epic rolling journey.

DnB Drum patterns with MP3, MIDI and Kontakt instrument 06. November 2003
Here are the most common Drum'n'Bass drum patterns for learning. The beats in order of apperance (Basic, 2step, Goldie, Swing, Amen, some Simon V patterns, Quadrant 6, Moving 808s, Datalife, Krust, Matrix Cosmic Tree).

Sampler Anti-aliasing comparison updated 26. September 2003
Just when you thought technology got better, take a deep breath and look at the new examples including Native Instruments Kontakt, Emagic EXS24, Propellerheads Reason, Steinberg Halion 2 and FL Studio 4.

Icebreaker (slam edit) and more 01. September 2003
Got some new tunes for you: Icebreaker (slam edit), High Spirits and Keep The Faith.

Discography updated 27. July 2003
My new vinyl release "Icebreaker" is online now (it's my dad on the cover). Also added my take on Franziska her first single, something different.

Cute little updates 18. May 2003
My discography is now complete with all the missing releases that came out lately. You can also get most records at the drumandbass.de shop now.

5 years later, my One Night Album got a little present in form of an 12 minute medley covering the whole CD.

Turntablerocker remixed 25. February 2003
My remix of "Rings", Turntablerocker their latest single, is now available as full-quality MP3 download at amazon.de. Enjoy!

It's good to see you 01. February 2003
2003 started well for me, I've written a lot of music and been involved in various other projects. Hope to put up a couple of MP3s for your pleasure soon. In the meantime, feel free to get a copy of the Ambassadors compilation.

Ambassadors are comin' 29. September 2002
It's been a quiet year release-wise for me, but that's because we've been preparing the Ambassadors compilation on Santorin. It features new tunes by the gang and me, everything on DJ-friendly Vinyl and CD for full home-listening enjoyment. Keep your ears open.

PopKomm in Cologne & Broken Beatz Festival 05. August 2002
Check out the Broken Beatz Festival on the 15. August, opening day of the Popkomm fair in Cologne! All major German players and the Santorin crew at one party. I'll be there from 15.-18. August, write me a line and we'll rock the bar.

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