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Studio update and tunes 29. May 2002
My computer got some friends now, though I didn't upgrade the PC itself - never change a running system. I feel more like solving musical problems instead of technical.
Also started working with vocals and write more tunes for a bigger Santorin project.

2002 Redesign 23. January 2002
Simonv.com is back with a new look for 2002. Start page photography by Marcus Gwiasda. Enjoy the vibe.
Thanks to all the designers helping me out with ideas and inspiration: Alex @ d-realm.net, Ronni @ rnx.de, Simon @ method.com.au, Rob @ intimatepro.com and Steffen @ berlinrepertoire.de.

Beta tunes and Santorin 009 23. November 2001
Added a remix of Artefact's "When Francis speaks" on the Beta page and updated "Ghost message".

My new EP on Santorin (Treasure Island/Looking Back 2001) will be in the shops next week, so don't forget to ask your local record dealer.

Looking Back 2001 and dnbradio.net 25. October 2001
Enjoy the reworked version of "Looking Back 2001". It's taken from my upcoming EP on Santorin.

Noticed the 2 dnbradio.net buttons on my front page? Tune in and rinse out!

Beta tunes and Leipzig adventure 17. October 2001
Working a lot on new music, have a listen to 2 new titles. I'm also in Leipzig on the 19th October at the Distillery. If you want to meet me, drop me a line or watch out for the guy with Santorin T-Shirt.

Popkomm 2001 and necessary holidays 21. August 2001
I've been to Popkomm 2001 last week in Cologne, staying at The Green Mans place. His new album titled "You decide" will be out in October on Combination records - make sure to grab a copy, you won't regret it.
For the coming week, I'm on vacation in Italy, don't expect any emails replies.

Drumandbass.de relaunch 25. April 2001
I helped redesigning and programming www.drumandbass.de. Check out the interactive section.

Survey results published 04. April 2001
Thanks to all my hardcore fans for filling out the survey! The results are quite diverse and should be very interesting for most Internet musicians out there.

Survey results coming up 20. March 2001
70 entries collected so far. I've started to evaluate the results, but a lot of custom answers make things complex :-)

What do you think of the new weekly section? Drop me a line.

You shape the future of simonv.com 24. January 2001
My site has been running for 6 years. I have the feeling that I never asked what you wanted, or what you were looking for, when you hit on simonv.com.

Now is the time: please take part in this short survey, and help making simonv.com a better place.

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