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Bomb on the Beach and Walking 01. December 2000
My christmas presents for you: "Bomb on the beach" and "Walking". Listen here and enjoy.

Australia 21. November 2000
I'll be in Australia from 5. December to 9. January staying with my brother in Melbourne. We're checking out the east coast (Sydney and elsewhere), if you want to meet me there, just mail me.

One Night in Frisco 20. November 2000
My One Night album has been spotted by Tom Blondeau in an underground recordstore in San Francisco.

Remixes 28. October 2000
Available as 12" vinyl on Santorin and as mp3:
Simon V - Rainclouds (Polar vmix)
Simon V - Broken Promise (Cycom remix)

Audio quality comparison 16. September 2000
Different samplers tested with the same method and sample (Buzz, Creamware Pulsar, Modplug Tracker, Reaktor, Soundblaster live, E-mu ESI 4000,Akai S3000 XL and Emu E4x).

Feature on NOW TV 25. July 2000
I've been interviewed for NOW Television, which is an Internet/TV station hybrid. Go to their homepage and click "mp3TV" -> "Band ID" -> "Archive" (at the bottom). There's also a video for the "Hymnus" track.

New tracks: Year 3000 and others 07. July 2000
I'm experimenting with different styles again, just to get a break from only doing Drum'n'Bass music the last year. Check out this Detroit Techno track with a typical Simon V melody.

I noticed that I forgot to mention the release of 3 new tracks last month: "Looking back", "Soul healing" and "Walking". Listen to them on the Singles page.

High-quality reverb and tutorial 10. June 2000
I discovered the Dreampoint webpages a couple of weeks ago when I was looking for a free high-quality reverb. Especially the tutorial on "How To Mix a Pop Song From Scratch" is a great resource for everyone who wants to improve his/her productions skills.

Knowledge review and final word 15. March 2000
Feel free to read the latest review of Santorin 004.

Currently, there's a discussion on the mailing list, covering the topic of "commercial" music. My word on it: Everything, which is made with love and dedication, is going to be a success in the end.

21 years later 20. February 2000
This is one of those days... you know the the story. Let's celebrate my and your existence!

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