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Feature on NOW TV 25. July 2000
I've been interviewed for NOW Television, which is an Internet/TV station hybrid. Go to their homepage and click "mp3TV" -> "Band ID" -> "Archive" (at the bottom). There's also a video for the "Hymnus" track.

New tracks: Year 3000 and others 07. July 2000
I'm experimenting with different styles again, just to get a break from only doing Drum'n'Bass music the last year. Check out this Detroit Techno track with a typical Simon V melody.

I noticed that I forgot to mention the release of 3 new tracks last month: "Looking back", "Soul healing" and "Walking". Listen to them on the Singles page.

High-quality reverb and tutorial 10. June 2000
I discovered the Dreampoint webpages a couple of weeks ago when I was looking for a free high-quality reverb. Especially the tutorial on "How To Mix a Pop Song From Scratch" is a great resource for everyone who wants to improve his/her productions skills.

Knowledge review and final word 15. March 2000
Feel free to read the latest review of Santorin 004.

Currently, there's a discussion on the mailing list, covering the topic of "commercial" music. My word on it: Everything, which is made with love and dedication, is going to be a success in the end.

21 years later 20. February 2000
This is one of those days... you know the the story. Let's celebrate my and your existence!

De-bug Portrait 14. February 2000
Santorin rec. and Simon V got featured in the February issue of De-bug.

For producers: tutorial + free samples 16. January 2000
I've written a Tutorial for you how I did the track "Pulse Code". You'll also find all original samples from the track on this page. If you do a a remix, please tell me about it.
As a bonus, I added some free drumloops and bass sound for you.

More music reviews are coming in: read the one from raw42.com.

New MP3 music 10. January 2000
I decided to put up my newest Vinyl EP (Santorin rec. 004) as MP3 Files. Go to the Singles section and listen to "Rainclouds" / "Fruity".

Also updated my studio picture, since I moved to a new house.

Happy new year 02. January 2000
Happy new year my friends! Welcome to Year 100! ... I didn't spot serious year 2000 bugs yet, but actually found some quite funny ones :-)
At least it's going to be exciting on Monday, when everybody starts working again.

Christmas present: Visions exhibition opened 22. December 1999
It's a series of picture covering the topic of visions you have in dreams, which are always quite unclear and fuzzy. So are the pictures - very detailed, but still strange. Go to the Visions exhibition.

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