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URB Magazine 16. December 1999
Quoted from mp3.com: "The editors of URB Magazine, America's number one source for electronic music, recently went diggin' through MP3.com's proverbial crates in search of standouts. Strangely, their results did not reflect the charts as Trance Control and Ghost in the Machine were not chosen among the top 10:
1. Simon V. "Pulse Code"
2. DJ Spooky feat. Freight Elevator

Looking Back 11. December 1999
My track "Looking back" will be released on the upcoming hard:edged compilation in March next year.

Simon V on air 08. November 1999
This Friday, 12.11.1999 from 22:00 - 24:00h CET on HR-XXL Radio station: "Outbreak" - hosted by Bassface Sascha
SANTORIN RECORDS special - Interview and DJ mixset
Guests: Lightwood, Simon V and Telmo A.

Screwdriver released on Mono 04. October 1999
My Drum'n'Bass track "Screwdriver" got a proper net-release on Mono. Feel free to download it from their page or mine. Don't forget to join the Mailing list for further updates.

One Night success on mp3.com 17. September 1999
I released a couple of singles from the One Night album. "Hymnus" and "Pulse Code" have been pole position on www.mp3.com for several weeks in category electronic/drum'n'bass.

"Disco Sperm" released on TDR 01. September 1999
My track "Disco Sperm", as released on Santorin rec, got a re-release as MP3 on Tokyo Dawn Records. It's a mixture between Disco and Drum and Bass.

Popkomm 23. August 1999
I've been to Popkomm in Cologne from Thursday to Sunday (19.-22. August). Visited the Rotation party on Friday at Jugendpark, where most German Drum'n'Bass headz and DJ's were present.

Site History 18. June 1999
One time, my dear friend Matthias Betz asked me why I didn't keep all old versions of my homepage, I had no answer. So I started to look for everything that was left and put it all on one page - the "site history", a new section of my Gallery (which is looking nicer than ever now).

Press and Radio coverage 07. May 1999
DJ Lightwood just got an email from Australia yesterday, and please read what Breakspeare from Perth had to say:
"Wondering if I could get a release date on 'Screwdriver'. After playing 'Pulse Code' out for the last three months I'm dying to hear something new from Simon V. 'Pulse Code' is THE MOST underrated track in '99. ..."

Me, as the ultimate authority in .mp3 issues, got featured in the German Newspaper Reutlinger Generalanzeiger.

I also got told by Doormat that:
"... BBC Radio 1: Mary Ann Hobbes (as I think it was) had the One night album as her album of the week and played a few tracks from it...(which I missed)...I only caught the last one she played that night....Pulse Code...anyway, though you might be interested to know that the UK is taking notice!"

Death of Kemistry 27. April 1999
I just heard of the death of DJ Kemistry (one part of Kemistry & Storm) after a car accident. This is a very sad news for me and probably everybody who heard them play or even talked with them. The Drum'n'Bass scene is loosing a unique person and driving force.

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